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Amazing opportunity.
This opportunity and experience changed my life. I learned so many important things at Envision's NYLF: Medicine. It has and will continue to impact my life. If you are trying to decide whether to embark on this adventure, I strongly urge you to take this path. Envision is great and amazing opportunity to share your passion and dedication with other hard working, confident students who share your love whether it be in medicine or another field. You'll meet new friends (and stay in contact with them even after the conference is over) and find new skills and characteristics that will lead to self-development and self-discovery. You will absolutely love it. I sure did. Every day I yearn for the chance to go back and relive it. Savor it. Cherish it. Love it. Live it. You won't regret it.

Sydney Naegle – See NYLF Medicine Review

Best learning experience.
My daughter attended the medical session and it made her mind up that the medical field is in her future.

Brienza – See NYLF Medicine Review

Envision Medicine.
Our daughter experience at Medicine school in Houston, Texas was PHENOMENAL. She returned home very inspired and encouraged to work hard to accomplish her goal to become a doctor. The hands on experience, simulator, and speeches were awesome. She met several students who want to become a doctor whom she can continue to collaborate with in the future. Several of the Physicians and Envision staff provided their contact information for students to reach out to them with any questions. The curriculum covered over the 9 days period were educational and worth the expense. The Envision staff is very professional and knowledge about their program. Every person that I spoke with at Envision treated me with dignity and respectful. We look forward to her attending Advanced Medical School in the future.

Sneakerhead01 – See NYLF Medicine Review

Wonderful program, I highly recommend!
I loved everything about this program and learned so much.  It helped me make my final decision to become a doctor in my near future.

Saleena Cauley – See NYLF Medicine Review

Best learning experience.
My daughter, Natalie, just completed the Envision program at UCLA! Natalie had a wonderful experience and learned so much in eight days! The lectures were very good and she definitely loved watching the knee surgery! They visited Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and went to a medical school! The best part of Envision is that she met several other kids who shared the same interest in medicine! Envision has taught Natalie how to adhere to a strict dress code, time management and wonderful hands on skills in medicine!

Angela Somodi – See NYLF Medicine Review

Excellent program
Excellent program!  My son learned so much and gained confidence. It really solidified his decision to be a doctor. I would highly recommend this program!!

Jamie Hendi – See NYLF Medicine Review

Amazing experience!
My son had an amazing experience at the medical leadership camp. He came back from camp with more confidence, made some lifelong friends and was motivated and pumped to learn more about medicine. He was exposed to different medical specialties that gave him insight into what specialty he would like to pursue. He is excited to get more involved in school and to also get involved in his community. Overall it was such a positive experience for him; one that he will never forget.

Gabe Herschelman – See NYLF Medicine Review

UCLA Medicine
I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend this opportunity to other students. Although the cost of the week long adventure was very expensive, I feel there could have been ways to reduce that in order for other opportunities to be approachable for me and my family.  My teacher was wonderful which made my experience memorable.

Analisa Taylor – See NYLF Medicine Review

Superb Educational Experience.
Thank you for allowing my daughter the opportunity for this experience. It has enlightened her future in the Medical field.

Debbie Diaz – See NYLF Medicine Review

NYLF Medicine Review for Future Parents
My teenager attended the Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine program. He was honored to be selected for this prestigious experience.  The program advisors were informative, pleasant and catered to my son's interests. The event was 10 days. He traveled independently to Washington DC where he was greeted by the Envisions staff and safely transported to the Maryland campus. The program curriculum was fully loaded with lectures, medical experiences, mentors who advised them and took them on a tour of the city. Each day I was informed of his agenda by email and text. My son was roomed with another student who supported him and they enjoyed the day's activities with many other students. When I spoke with my son after each evening, he responded with excitement, new experiences and friendships.  As a parent, I would highly recommend this program to anyone's high schooler who is looking to enrich their learning and future leadership. Kudos to the whole Envision team!

Mrs. Pratt – See NYLF Medicine Review

Just what the doctor ordered!
My granddaughter made lots of friends and contacts that hopefully will last a lifetime and really opened her eyes to so many opportunities. I cannot say enough good things about her Envision NYLF (Medicine) experience. My granddaughter dreams of becoming either a baby delivery nurse or doctor. I would not change a thing about this program, unless you would consider lowering the cost :) We are very grateful for her opportunity to attend this year, especially the fact it was so close to home. She has a renewed excitement for learning, much more confident and inspired.  Definitely an investment in her future! This was definitely an unforgettable experience. You learn so much, everything from being independent to suturing to making new friends from all over the country. Even though she missed home, I think she really hated to leave when the session was over. The dinner and final gala was unbelievable, really top-rate! I feel she was blessed in every way to attend all :)

Haley Wilson – See NYLF Medicine Review

Great program! Worth every dollar. Had a great time, met new friend and learned so much.
This program was a great experience. I learned so much and am so glad I went. I read other reviews that almost changed my mind about going, but I am so glad I still went.

Alexander Barber – See NYLF Medicine Review

Excellent program!
My daughter was apprehensive about attending the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine.  She came away with so much knowledge, enthusiasm, and self-confidence.  Her friends from Envision are friends for life.  This experience solidified her desire to enter the medical field, and she can't wait to attend the Advanced Medical Forum next summer.

Carri Harris – See NYLF Medicine Review

Excellent experience.
My daughter had an excellent experience in the medical program she attended. She met people from all around the country (and world), and learned from students, residents, practicing doctors and others working in the medical industry to hear about their experiences and get advice. Her experience solidified her decision to pursue a career in the medical industry although she is not certain what path that will take.  My only question is, what program of yours should she do next year that could top this experience? :) Thank you for developing a wonderful program.

Trisha Murakawa – See NYLF Medicine Review

Envision provided a great experience for my child.
My child thoroughly enjoyed her experience with Envision and NYLF Medicine. She was able to experience college life. Her communication and socialization skills were strengthened. The Envision experience provided her with key information and practical advice related to her goals in the field of medicine. We look forward to participating in Envision experiences in the future.

Kristina Reynolds – See NYLF Medicine Review

This program was more than I could...
This program was more than I could have ever expected for my son and he had the experience of his life!

J Flebotte – See NYLF Medicine Review

This experience was life-changing!
This experience was life-changing for our daughter! It solidified her decision to pursue medicine as a career. Weeks after it was over, she is still talking about it! Kudos to Envision for organizing this remarkable opportunity for so many young people across the nation!

Steve Smith – See NYLF Medicine Review